97.9 WGRD Presents 2015 Heavyweights at The Intersection
It's back and ready for metal! Last year, local metal group Withhold the Blood was crowned the 2014 GRD Heavyweight champ!
However, it's a new year and we need a new champion for 2015.
It's time to welcome in the GRD Heavyweights once again at The Intersection!
Mushroomhead Rocked The Intersection Sunday Night!
It's the holiday season, meaning that you get presents and stuff right? Last night, Mushroomhead brought one hell of a gift to anyone that was at The Intersection, and that was the gift of a good time!
Mushroomhead Returns to The Intersection Next Sunday!
The year of 2014 is going out with a bang at The Intersection! This band was really busy during the year of 2014, and how could you celebrate the holiday season with one of the most metal and entertaining groups to hit the stage?
Mushroomhead returns to The Intersection on Dec. 21st!
Apocalyptica to Rock the Intersection on April 22nd!
One of the coolest bands that you need to check out it Apocalyptica, never heard of them? Well that's a shame!
Combining classic instruments and heavy metal guitar, you have a match made in heaven, and THAT is Apocalyptica!
Metal Being Blamed for Another Suicide – People Are Dumb
A guy hanged himself in the woods recently, and guess who's fault it is?
Slipknot's, apparently!
Why can't the media stop tying every suicide or murder to heavy music?  If he'd had Justin Bieber playing n his iPod, no one would have said a word about what he had been listening…
GWAR Destroyed The Intersection Last Night! [Gallery]
If there is one thing you should do before you die, it's go see GWAR live in concert. I have seen these guys about 3 times now and I absolutely love them. It's a show that I think everyone should just experience. Get right up front, get covered in blood and just rock out! If you were there…

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