metal moment

Metal Moment: Slipknot
This weeks Metal Moment goes to: Slipknot
Slipknot hails from the land of Iowa and are quite the successful metal band, chances are, you have heard of Slipknot. With their signature mask they wear on stage and 9 members to complete the heavy metal massacre they unleash upon the world.
Metal Moment: Children of Bodom
This weeks METAL MOMENT goes to: Children of Bodom
Not quite sure what is is about this band, but I saw them play the Black Label Society Berzerkus tour last year and it was kick ass.
Metal Moment: In Flames
This weeks Metal Moment goes to: In Flames
Most non-metal heads were introduced to this band from the popular Guitar Hero series, as their song "Take this Life," was featured on Guitar Hero 2.
In Flames has been around since 1993 and are 1 of the 3 pioneers of the sound "Melodic Death M…
Metal Moment: Dethklok
This weeks Metal Moment goes to: Dethklok.
I know what your saying...that's just a band from a TV show Metalocalype, they are fake! That is where you are wrong! Consider Dethklok the most metal and brutal band of all time (at least that's what they say)...
Metal Moment: Hatebreed
This weeks Metal Moment honor goes to Hatebreed. If you have moshed in the pits at metal concerts, they can get pretty brutal. But nothing will ever be as brutal than a Hatebreed mosh pit. Filled with the hate and anger, Hatebreed sure knows how to bring the anger out...
Metal Moment: Mushroomhead
Welcome to the new weekly posting, METAL MOMENT! Bringing you a new metal artist you may have never known! Till now...
Every week, I will bring you a video of a metal artist that you should check out!
To open it up.....We'll start with Ohio's MUSHROOMHEAD...