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Great Advice For New Players – League of Legends
Welcome scrubs, noobs, and ragers! This is the sacred tome of helpful advice for League of Legends. Be sure to bookmark this page so you can easily reference it during your heated battles on Summoners Rift (you can quickly alt+tab during team fights to get some awesome advice as to how to defeat y…
The Top 10 Most Unique Abilities – League Of Legends
With League of Legends continually adding more champions to its roster, truly unique abilities are becoming less common. At one time Warwick's Infinite Duress was the only suppression ability, Anivia had the only ability that created terrain, and Singed had the only fling ability. Th...
Cosplay Girls Of League Of Legends [Gallery]
Hot chicks are awesome.  Hot chicks that play video games are more awesome.  And atop the high hill of awesomeness, lies the hot, video game playing, League of Legends girls.  Enjoy these League of Legends cosplay beauties!
@Riot – The Summoner’s Christmas Wishlist
The Christmas season is right around the corner, and it is time to ask Santa Clause... Riot for everything you want for the holidays. Here is what you guys came up with! NOTE: IF I DIDN'T CORRECTLY CREDIT ANY IMAGES PLEASE LET ME KNOW, ALSO IF YOU DON'T WANT YOUR SUMMONER NAME OR REDDIT NAME DISPLA…

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