JonTron Proves That Not Every Star Wars Game is Good [Video]
JonTron is still rockin' his 'StarCade' series on YouTube, out there to prove that not everything in the Star Wars video game world is good.
Last time, he took a look at the video games of Star Wars: Episode 1. This time however, he is going after a game that most people have most like…
Where is Internet Gamer JonTron? [Video]
If you stick here to, you'll notice that I mention a certain YouTube guy by the name of JonTron.
He is a hilarious gamer that grabs tons of views from every video that he posts.
So where has he been? Here is an update!
JonTron Tortures Himself with Barbie Games [Video]
It has been a while since we have heard from online YouTube super hero JonTron!
Back for the third season his hilarious online YouTube series, JonTron explores video games that I am sure no little boy played when they were kids --vunless their sister wanted to torture them.
JonTron explores the world…
JonTron Tackles Clock Tower in His Halloween Special [Video]
I don't know what it is about JonTron, but he cracks me up every time he releases a video. I have heard of the game named 'Clock Tower' many times in the past, but I never heard of the Super Famicom release ever! Thanks to JonTron through, I now know of the existence of this mediocre …
JonTron Shows Us That ‘Titanic’ Video Games Exist
Yes, there have been video games that are based on the Titanic. Most of them are educational video games that you could get on a Mac back in 1994. Little did I know, but there are some games from across the sea's that are played on a Famicom, that are based on the James Cameron Film, Titanic. Y…
Metalhead Ned’s Favorite Internet Reviewers
Thanks to the internet, you no longer have to look through magazines to find a review of a popular video game. Even better, people my age are posting up videos of them doing Retro Video Game reviews of games I grew up with, and they are hilarious...