Johnnie Walker

See How 97.9 WGRD’s Crew Gets Rated by PicTriev [Photos]
On Tuesday, "The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show" shared a website called PicTriev that rates your face.
Upload a picture of yourself, and the website estimates how old you look, how masculine and feminine you appear and which celebrities you resemble.
See how the guys fro…
Johnnie Walker, Janna, and Metalhead Ned Ring in New Year! [Audio]
If you were listening to the WGRD All Request New Year's Eve Show, you would have heard some of us in our prime!
We had a good time and we hope you did, too!
While you were making out with someone or celebrating, we were singing that song that your supposed to sing on New Year's.
Give us a br…
Metalhead Ned Finds a ‘Tech Relic’ in Johnnie Walker’s Office
At WGRD, we were recently updated with a awesome new studio with some state-of-the-art tech and audio equipment. It's really cool! However, when I stumbled into Johnnie Walker's office today, I couldn't help but notice a 'Tech Relic' that if kids saw today, they would wonder…