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The Animal Guy Pet Selfie Contest
Who’s your buddy?
That’s right: We know you love your doggies, kitties and other pets — rodents, included –out there. And we want to reward you for that love, whether it’s for man’s best friend, your feline companion or some other furry friend...
The Animal Guy Pet Selfie Contest Official Rules
“Jeff Musial The Animal Guy Pet Selfie Photo Contest Promotion”
The Animal Guy Pet Selfie Contes (the “Contest”); Contest Official Rules:
By entering the Contest, you agree to be bound by these Offi…
More Weird Animals – The Tapir is What Exactly?
With Jeff Musial coming this Sunday to Pioneer Auditorium, we're celebrating weird animals here at  We've covered some strange ones, that you can check out here.
Today's weird animal is the Tapir.  I wasn't entirely sure what it even was until this video, but i…
Weird Animals – The Owl is a Weird Animal
In celebration of Jeff Musial coming to Grand Rapids on Sunday, here's another in the series of Weird Animals for you!
You might think the owl is boring, as far as weird animals, but they are pretty strange.  From the head bobbing, to the eyes locked in place...they're odd.
Weird Animals – The Hedgehog Eats the Tears of Angels
Jeff Musial the Animal Guy is coming to Grand Rapids next weekend, and he travels with a marsupial…okay a kangaroo or wallaby.  He brings a bunch of really cool animals with him for the show, and teaches us about these cool beasties.
Today's strange animal is the Hedgehog...

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