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Updates From AlternaChick Jasmine
Our model friend and AlternaChick, Jasmine has been hard at working shooting around Grand Rapids. I got a note in my inbox from her last week with some of her latest projects!
AlternaChick Trisha Grace’s Latest Photo Shoot
You may remember one of our AlternaChick's Trisha Grace? She was in our Babe contest that had quite the drama attached to it. Well she's doing great and recently shot with our photographer, Jason Hite of Hite Design and Photography! Check out their shoot below!
It’s An AlternaChick Halloween
Halloween is around the corner which means it's time for some crazy Halloween costumes! Our AlternaChick photographer, Jason Hite, of Hite Design and Photography captured these not so long ago. For some reason masks like the one our AlternaChick Bryne is wearing creep me the freak out! Way wors…
Jackie Shoots With Jason Hite
Last week I posted a few pictures from my recent photo shoot with Jason Hite of Hite Design and Photography. Over the long weekend he sent me a few more I thought I'd share. We had a lot of fun over at The Geek Group on Leonard Street. If you haven't been over there it is delightfully geeky. While w…
Jackie Shoots With Hite Design
Earlier this evening I went over to The Geek Group, over on Leonard Street for a photo shoot with Jason Hite of Hite Design. If you haven't been over to The Geek Group before, let me tell you, it's AWESOME! I don't have all the photos back yet, but I just had to share what I had so …
AlternaChick Jasmine’s Updated Photos
Our gal Jasmine shot me a message today to share her latest photo shoot with Jason Hite and Bill Strome! Both are fantastic photographers, check out her edgy shots and find her on facebook and tumblr!