I Finally Got To Meet Jason Segel
For the past few weeks, they have been filming "The End Of The Tour," starring Jesse Eisenberg and Jason Segel.
They are filming this movie right in our building. So, you would think I would have found a way to meet the two actors by now.
Nope. None of my hair-brained schemes hav…
Dumb Things My Friends And I Do
I admit that I am a nerd. A typical Friday night for me is Mario Kart and beer... or a group of people playing Elder Sign and again, beer. One thing my friends and I do that is just stupid-er than stupid is called CAPS... I will tell you about this time honored tradition, but no laughing...
Jackie’s Latest Photo Shoot With Studio RM LLC
Last June I competed and won the National Miss Captivating Pageant. It was a really fun modeling competition that has been featured on MTV multiple times. One of my prizes was a photo shoot with Studio RM. Ran and operated by Rick Martinez of Columbus, Ohio. Rick is an award winning fashion and …
#GRDConcertPic Photo Entries
Jackie's hosting a weekly photo contest, giving you a chance to win a prize every Friday! This week the challenge is to go on instagram and post a photo with the hashtag, #GRDConcertPic. One of the photos will randomly win Fridays giveaway!
Jackie Scared Live On Air
Well, I apparently scare easy ... too easy.
Shaffee once again decided to pop in here WHILE I was in mid-sentence and scare the crap out of me.
Here's the clip of him scaring me.
‘Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson’ Opens Thursday
I am so excited to be involved in this musical at Grand Rapids Actors Theatre.
"Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson" is a farce musical on the history and legacy of President Andrew Jackson. It is a comedy that I think anyone in the mood for a good laugh will enjoy. It's a rock mu…
Justin Bieber Gets More Ridiculous
As you know by know, Justin Bieber recently got charged with a DUI, driving around in a rented Lambo gettin' wastey-faced and acting like a complete jackass.
That said, just a few minutes ago Justin posted this photo on his Instagram page...
Jackie Races The Dopey Challenge: Part 1
Whew! It has been a long, long week for me folks.
You, perhaps, heard me Monday on air sounding a tad hoarse.
Well, I ended up having to go to the hospital for a super bad case of strep throat! Yuk!
It was awful, and I didn't know adults still got sick like that. I thought that was like a kid th…
Jackie and Shaffee Crash a Holiday Party
Over the weekend, we had our company holiday party. And right next door, WOOD-TV8 was having its holiday party!
After Shaffee and I had pounded a few, we decided: Why not cross the hall over to new territory?
We were especially surprised to see the TV folks had karaoke at their party!

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