Hire A Dork for Your Dirty Work – FBHW Segment 16
Today on Segment 16, the guys check out a hilarious news story about a Grand Rapids man who will do your dirty work for you! All you have to do is go to his website, pay him, and tell him what you want. He'll dump your significant other, fire someone, and do other unpleasant tasks for you. As l…
What Disease are Michiganders Most Concerned About Getting?
As the internet fills with more and more information, both helpful and useless, we've learned to Google everything. I mean, everything. Some people Google "how to Google something". Not kidding. But one thing people search for a lot, is disease symptoms. Everything from diabet…
West Michigan Boy Confronts YouTube Bullies in Viral Video
A father and son from Hartford, Mich., have been posting funny prank videos to YouTube for the past year.
When 11-year-old Logan Fairbanks noticed cruel comments directed at him online, he asked his dad, Josh, to film him doing something extremely brave: confronting internet bullies.

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