Arch Enemy Next Week at The Intersection! [Video]
I have been looking forward to this show ever since it was announced quite a few months ago! Arch Enemy, Kreator, Starkill and Huntress will dominate the Intersection on Nov. 20th!
I did get some kinda bummer news though on my end...
Metalhead Ned’s Flashback Friday – Interviewing Huntress
I still pride myself on the fact that I get the opportunity to interview pretty much any metal band I want. From super famous ones to metal bands that are still finding their place in the genre. Up and comers to the metal circuit is Huntress. They have 2 albums to date at this point and Jill Janus s…
Metalhead Ned Cannot Wait Until Arch Enemy Comes to The Intersection!
There are so many shows coming to the Grand Rapids area, and they are all going to be glorious! Five Finger Death Punch, Volbeat, GWAR, You Me At Six, etc. There are just a buttload of shows coming! One of them though is one I have been waiting on for years and it's finally happening!
Huntress Talks Touring, NBA Jam, Lemmy Kilmister, and More!
A month or two ago, an amazing show that features Amon Amarth, Children of Bodom, Battlecross, and Huntress came to the Intersection. I started listening to Huntress and I knew I had to meet this band. Little did I know I was also going to do Jager shots and sing the NBA Jam theme song with them.