Homeless man

Unlocking ArtPrize: Woman’s Faith In Humanity Restored
When Chelsea Lassen decided to spend an afternoon with friends exploring ArtPrize in Grand Rapids Wednesday, she didn’t expect to leave in a panic.
“After leaving dinner hours later, I unzipped my pocket only to find no car keys,” said Lassen, a ‘05 graduate of Lakeview High S…
Computer Programmer Teaches Homeless Man Coding [Video]
I came across this video on Facebook about a young computer programmer who encountered a homeless man that intrigued him.
According to the guy, he just couldn't get this man out of his head. So, he designed an offer for him.
The homeless man could either take $100 or a laptop computer, some books …
Dog Humps Passed Out Homeless Man [VIDEO]
A while back I posted a situation about dogs attacking people who were just out doing simple stuff like getting mail from their mailbox. Since then I'm happy to report one dog has raised the bar. If you should decide to nap on the streets in his hood with your pants on the ground, well then h…