Hollywood Undead

Rocktagon- Hollywood Undead VS Deadwood Stone
Our Battle for the Rocktagon competition is done and Deadwood Stone was our winner! That means tonight Hollywood Undead will be facing Deadwood Stone in the Rocktagon! Vote in the poll below, and tune in tonight at 8:30 when the Rocktagon is on GRD...
Rocktagon- Hollywood Undead VS Big Wreck
Hollywood Undead took down KISS with over 75% of the votes last night. 900 of you voted! Tonight they will be facing a new single out from Big Wreck; let me know what you think by voting in the poll below, and tune in tonight around 8:30 when the rocktagon begins...
Rocktagon- Hollywood Undead VS KISS
Hollywood Undead won again last night, everyone is just eating their dust! Tonight they are going against some legends though... KISS. Vote in the poll below and tune in tonight around 8:30 when the Rocktagon begins!
Hollywood Undead- We Are
KISS- Long Way Down
Shaffee’s 420 Hit Of The Day — Presented By HydroWorld
Everyday we get tons of requests for songs that are deep in the GRD archive. We hear you, and we are gonna deliver! I’m digging into those archives and playing you a song that you love every weekday at 4:20pm. It’s Shaffee’s 4:20 Hit Of The Day presented by HydroWorld!
Rocktagon- Hollywood Undead VS Chevelle
First off, Happy Halloween! Secondly Hollywood Undead won! Tonight I have a brand spankin' new song from Chevelle to throw up against Hollywood Undead. Your vote decides the winner, so give both songs a listen and vote in the poll below...
Rocktagon- Hollywood Undead VS Beware of Darkness
Hollywood Undead won last night, with just enough to squeak out a win! Tonight they will be facing, "Beware of Darkness." As per usual vote below in the poll and tune in around 8:30 when the Rocktagon is live on GRD!
Hollywood Undead- We Are
Beware of Darkness- Howl

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