WGRD Pond Hockey Classic — Day 2 Photos and Video
The second day of the GRD Pond Hockey Classic started off a bit warmer than Day 1, and much warmer than last year!
This was both good news and bad news for the event.
Good news: A lot of people came out and took advantage of the great weather to hang out and party with GRD for the day of hockey.
Bad n…
WGRD Pond Hockey Classic – Day 1 Photos and Video
The GRD Pond Hockey Classic kicked off last night at Richmond Park in Grand Rapids at about 5:45, with the opening ceremonies, hosted by Hot Wings, Producer Steve, and Producer Joe from the Free Beer and Hot Wings show. Some of our staff even sang the National Anthem to help kick off the weekend of …
Another Great Hockey Movie to Prepare You for Pond Hockey
Seann William Scott isn't just limited to playing a douchebag in the American Pie Movies, or a monk-in-training smart-ass in Bulletprook Monk. He can also play a total goon as the new enforcer on the ice in the hockey comedy Goon from 2011.
If you haven't seen it, he plays a bouncer who&apo…

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