Waste Hours of Your Time With @historyinpics Twitter
The past can be fascinating, and a very good chunk of it has been captured with pictures, which I think the art of printing photos is quickly becoming a lost art.
I found a Twitter account named @historyinpics that I am quite addicted to now.
Ever Wonder Why Super Mario Bros. 2 is so Different? [Video]
When I was a kid, Super Mario Bros. 2 was a very unique game and many people thought it was kind of crazy. As a kid though, I loved it.
I remember borrowing this game from one of my brothers elementary friends and playing it. Even though it wasn't the same at the original Mario Bros. game, it wa…
Cool Facts About the Nintendo Wii [Video]
It's crazy to think that the Nintendo Wii is almost 10 years old!
When the Wii came out on the market, everyone wanted it. Working at a GameStop during this time was crazy, because grandmas, kids, moms, everyone was coming in to see if they could get a Wii that day!
What is the Wii though?
GR Walks App Lets You Explore Historic Grand Rapids [Video]
If you've ever wondered about the history of Grand Rapids, a new audio tour app can help you learn more about our city.
GR Walks first launched in 2013 with audio tours of Heritage Hill, Eastown, and East Hills and now the tour of Grand Rapids' historical riverwalk is available for download…
People Have A Lack Of History Knowledge
This video is great. This guy goes out to a beach and asks people random history questions. He gets very basic about it, example- "Which president was George Washington?" and people got it wrong! Watch this and test your knowledge... are you history stupid?