grand theft auto

Old People Playing Grand Theft Auto is Pretty Darn Funny [Video]
"I've heard of Grand Theft Auto! It's a pretty big show!"
"Seems to be a very popular game with the kids... why would you want to teach the kids how to steal a car?"
And so it begins-- senior citizens playing Grand Theft Auto V. Why? Because, the Internet.
Games to Try Before You Die: Grand Theft Auto (PSX)
Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular games of all time. The anticipation for Grand Theft Auto 5 higher than any of the GTA games, and still, no official release date has been announced. All of that aside, the new GTA games are graphic as hell man. GTA III came out on Playstation 2 and revolut…
Grand Theft Auto 5 Announced!
If you are getting tired of headshots, killing Locusts, or maybe even collecting stars. It is time once again to do some drive by's, kill civilians, and collect hookers! Rockstar Games in unleashing the next game in its epic series.