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Grand Rapids Westsiders Watch Out, Someone Wants In Your Car
If you live in the Richmond Park/Alpine & Leonard area (or just, on the West side of GR), heads up:  Someone wants in your car!
Friday morning around 5:30am, I was awoken (or is it, I awoke?)...
Let’s try this again, Friday morning around 5:30am, I woke up when I heard guys talking …
HELLO! Mark Wahlberg Is In Grand Rapids!!!!
Mark Wahlberg was spotted in Grand Rapids!!
More specifically, he was spotted having lunch at the Six One Six Lounge at the JW Marriott according to MLive.
They say he was having lunch with his business Manager after what looks to be a round of golf...
Tickets for Founders KBS on Sale Saturday
Founders Brewing Co.'s barrel-aged Kentucky Breakfast Stout (KBS) is among the highest rated beers in the world. Some would say it is the best.
One of the best ways to score KBS for yourself is to purchase a ticket which allows you to pick it up at Founders. Those tickets go on sale, S…

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