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Limp Bizkit Debut’s New Album/Single Gold Cobra
After 10 years, Fred and the boys of Limp Bizkit have finally released their followup album to Results May Vary, by the name of Gold Cobra. Good thing about this album is that all of the original members are featured on the record.
I recently checked out the new Bizkit record, and the good thing abou…
Fred Durst Says He Connects With Kurt Cobain
Limp Bizkit are ready to release their comeback album, Gold Cobra, on June 28 and frontman Fred Durst shed some light on his idolization of former Nirvana leader Kurt Cobain. Durst believes he shares a lot of the same pain that Cobain experienced before he committed suicide on April 5, 1994.
New Limp Bizkit Album Out in June
The long-awaited new album from rap rockers Limp Bizkit finally has a release date. After being delayed from it's original 2010 release, Gold Cobra will hit stores in June.