Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About the Nintendo DS
The Nintendo DS is one of the best selling video game consoles of all time! It came after the Game Boy and continues on to be the best selling handheld game console of all time! However, I am sure there are many things you didn't know about the Nintendo DS!
This Day 18 Years Ago, Nintendo 64 Was Released [Video]
18 years ago...18 freakin' years ago! This juggernaut of awesomeness was unveiled to the masses. I remember this being the last video game console I received with a childish amount of excitement, cause I was a kid. Hard to believe that the Nintendo 64 is 18 years old.
Metalhead Ned Goes to White Castle [Video]
Two video games beaten, Surge in do you end an epic weekend? With those little burgers that fit into a small box on a grease soaked bun. Grilled to perfection on a bed of onions. Let's take a magical trip to...
White Castle!
Games To Try Before You Die: North & South (NES)
Strangly enough, today was the first day that I played this game. I was always curious about this game because it is so hard to find! All of sudden, my friend Bruce came across the game and I finally was able to take part in the North Vs. South fight!
Games To Try Before You Die: Teleroboxer (Virtual Boy)
Time to really dive into the vault for this one! If you are lucky enough (or unlucky) to own a Virtual Boy, you most likely only owned Mario Tennis. However there are a few other games that you should take a look at when seeking another title for the ill-fated game console. One of those is Telerobox…
The Legend of Zelda (NES) is Still Epic After 20 Years
Lately I have been playing a lot of games that most people would consider me 'not hardcore' gamer. Lot's of Nintendo games like Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World, and pretty much anything classic. Last night, I just had the feeling I wanted to sit horribly close to a tube TV, grab my old players gu…
Metalhead Ned’s Gaming Collection Peek – Virtual Boy
The Red Menace, the crap bucket....The Virtual Boy
Of all the greatness that is in my collection, this one sits right in the middle of the road. I thing it is a fun console, but at the time of games moving into the 3rd dimension on your TV screen. Nintendo tried something that I can't really bel…
Kid’s Reacting to Game Boy Makes You Feel Old
These 'Kid's React To...' vid's are pretty awesome, but at some points, makes you want to flip off your screen for no particular reason. It kinda feels like these kids are picking on your little brother ya know? This is what I grew up with and I still love it, so seeing this kids…

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