Fun Facts About Original Nintendo [Video]
Looking for a cool history lesson about that old Nintendo game console you can find in your parents' attic?
Did You Know Gaming has all of your answers so you can impress your nerdy friends.
Games to Try Before You Die: GameBoy Golf
Yes, you read the title of this blog right.
A game that you need to play before you get buried into the ground is a simple game of Golf.
I know, it sounds boring but this game is actually a lot of fun to play when you have nothing else to play.
Yes, There Is a Star Fox Coffee [Video]
Star Fox is one of the most cherished Nintendo video games of all time. When it was first released on the Super Nintendo, it dazzled gamers with polygon graphics. It really hit home when the Nintendo 64 version came around though.
Along with it, was the numerous references you can make to the game, e…
What Should be the Next ‘This Level Sucks’ Video? [Video]
If you have been sticking with WGRD's YouTube page for the past few weeks, you would have seen a new video series starring Metalhead Ned playing video game levels that are just insanely difficult named 'This Level Sucks.'
I want to know though, what should be the next one?
The Most Intense Game of NBA Jam Ever [Video]
Playing NBA Jam on Sega Genesis is still one of the funnest things that I do with friends. For pretty much my entire life, I played only 2 player games with my friend Jon. Until we discovered the 4 player adapter later in life that allowed 4 players to play on screen.
If you think Halo or Call of Dut…
The Gaming Historian Goes in Depth on History of Video Games [Video]
I think I watch more YouTube videos than I do actual TV show and movies these days.
I find myself watching anything from JonTron, Angry Video Game Nerd, Nostalgia Critic, Clueless Gamer with Conan O' Brien and so many more.
What these all have in common is they all have something to do with video gami…
ToeJam & Earl to Make an Indie Return, Needs Your Help [Video]
In the early '90's, a very strange video game by the name of Toejam & Earl came out for Sega Genesis. You played as either ToeJam or Earl, or played 2 player Co-op and played as ToeJam & Earl. Through it's crazy exterior, it is one of the funnest games of all time!
The first game garnered 2 s…
Super Smash Bros. Facts Told by Super Smash Bros.’ Announcer [Video]
Super Smash Bros. is one of the most successful party-fighting games of all time! I own every single version of this game because it is just so damn fun!
Do you think you know everything about Super Smash Bros., though?
Check out this video! It's even narrated by Super Smash Bros.' announce…

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