Game Store Confessions: Supposed Guy with Gold in a Box
I have realized that when I used to work at a local game store, that I used to post on Facebook when someone odd, strange, or just plain annoying would come into the store.
I have worked at a few game stores in my life. One of them a well known company, and the other a local business here in town.
Trying to Save Blobette in Episode 13 of This Level Sucks [Video]
Finally starting to tackle some Game Boy games on This Level Sucks!
At first I was going to play another NES game, but I wanted to go outside of the home console for once and play a game that I was recently introduced too.
It's a game that give you nothing, and you get nothing in return.
Nintendo and Universal Park Teaming Up for Nintendo Attractions!
I have visited Universal Studios in Florida once in my life, and I loved it. It was a lot of fun, and I was able to 'ride' the movies of my childhood!
Today, I saw an article stating that my favorite gaming company Nintendo will work together with Universal Parks to start incorporating Nint…
Cool Facts About the Original Xbox [Video]
I never owned an original Xbox, during this time in gaming, I still stuck with Nintendo and their Gamecube. For some reason, I fell out of gaming during this period too.
Did You Know Gaming teaches you some facts on one of the consoles that was expected and is beloved by many.
A List of Metalhead Ned’s Favorite Retro Star Wars Video Games
Star Wars is still one of the greatest movie sagas of all time.
The acting is corny, the effects are awesome, etc. When the original movie came out in 1977, it dazzled everyone! I was born in 1987, so I wasn't able to be as dazzled as 1977 kids were. With every popular game series, there is vide…
Finally Decided to Pick up WiiFitU on Nintendo WiiU [Video]
I hate to say it, but I am kind of a big guy.
Not a huge guy, but I could stand to lose a few pounds. I have a membership to Planet Fitness, I go for walks randomly, etc. Nothing I would call a hardcore workout regimen though, which at some I hope to do.
As a supplement to hopefully losing a few pound…
Where is Internet Gamer JonTron? [Video]
If you stick here to, you'll notice that I mention a certain YouTube guy by the name of JonTron.
He is a hilarious gamer that grabs tons of views from every video that he posts.
So where has he been? Here is an update!
Atari: Game Over Documentary Available on Netflix [Video]
A few months ago, Microsoft funded a documentary that was set to debunk the myth about the mystery of the Atari landfill.
According to myth, Atari buried thousands of video game cartridges after they declared bankruptcy in New Mexico.
Was the myth true though?
‘The Sims’ is Still One of the Best Games of All Time [Video]
One of the biggest PC games of all time is 'The Sims.' A game where you take control of little people, build a house, get a job, have a kid, etc.
A life simulator essentially.
When this game came out, it blew a lot of peoples minds. We were no longer building cities, ant colonies, or towers.…
Metalhead Ned’s Favorite Video Game Consoles of All Time [List]
I knew that the time would come where I would have to list my favorite video game consoles of all time.
I spend a lot of my time on writing about video games and heavy metal.
I will say that I spend more time writing about video games though, because I love them...
Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Now Available on WiiU [Video]
The Angry Video Game Nerd has been a part of my life for over 5 years now. I credit him with inspiring my own YouTube video series This Level Sucks.
I have followed the Angry Nerd for some time now and was really surprised to see his own video game come to life, Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures. This…

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