Why is Super Metroid So Good?
Super Metroid is considered by many to be one of the greatest video games of all time, which I can agree with. However, what makes this game so good? Today's video games are detailed and realistic, so how does this old school 2-D side scroller still claim the #1 spot on so many 'Greatest G…
Metalhead Ned’s Throwback Thursday – Video Game Collection 2009
I love collecting video games! It's just a thing I enjoy to do. The quest for a cheap but rare game is a very exhilarating experience. Just imagine finding 'Earthbound' at a garage sale for $2? Good feeling right? Since 2009, my game collection has grown insanely, but here is the star…
Games To Try Before You Die: Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES)
When this game hit the scene, people that first played it wondered, "What on earth happened to Super Mario Bros.?!" I was a young kid however and figured it was another Mario game, so I enjoyed it, and I still do to this day.
Metalhead Ned Visits Playstation at Rock on the Range!
Along with all of the great bands performing this past weekend at Rock on the Range, there was plenty of other great things to do! As a video gamer, there was one place that I was required to stop by. Video Games? Rock? Playstation had what I needed!
5 Awesome Video Game Songs That Amp Up Your Game Play
You ever play a video game, and a song just comes up and you just get this sudden inspiration to just dominate?
I know you have!
Here is a quick list of some of those great songs that are in video games that encourage you just to blow s**t up...
Second Annual GR8 Bit Live Goes Down on May 3
Video game music FTW!
No, I am not talking about plugging in your old-school game carts and jamming to some 8-Bit music. This is an awesome onslaught of video game music performed LIVE, and yes, it is as cool as it sounds.
Performing at GR8 Bit will be Playing with Power, Super Guitar Bros and The X-H…
The Evil Within Looks Like a Terrifying New Game [Video]
I do enjoy myself an awesome 'survival horror' video game!
I still love playing the original Resident Evil, even with it's campy voice overs and clunky controls. That terrified feeling and the creepy atmosphere has continued to sell Resident Evil.
Then RE 6 came around and destroyed all of that. Eve…
Join Metalhead Ned and Friends on a New Podcast: ‘The SNaCk’
I can only cover so much on my shift at 'GRD on the weekends; and I could honestly chat for hours about video games, metal, movies, media, and a random array of stuff.
So, what do I do? Shove it into a podcast! I am now involved in a brand new podcast titled "The SNaCk!"
The Search for ‘E.T’ Game Carts to Continue in New Mexico [Video]
This is always a story that has fascinated me, for no real reason. All it really is, is a story about a company dumping massive amounts of product into a landfill. However, it's really the cove-up that's the interesting thing about it. This story has garnerd so much interest, that a small …

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