Second Annual GR8 Bit Live Goes Down on May 3
Video game music FTW!
No, I am not talking about plugging in your old-school game carts and jamming to some 8-Bit music. This is an awesome onslaught of video game music performed LIVE, and yes, it is as cool as it sounds.
Performing at GR8 Bit will be Playing with Power, Super Guitar Bros and The X-H…
The Evil Within Looks Like a Terrifying New Game [Video]
I do enjoy myself an awesome 'survival horror' video game!
I still love playing the original Resident Evil, even with it's campy voice overs and clunky controls. That terrified feeling and the creepy atmosphere has continued to sell Resident Evil.
Then RE 6 came around and destroyed all of that. Eve…
The Search for ‘E.T’ Game Carts to Continue in New Mexico [Video]
This is always a story that has fascinated me, for no real reason. All it really is, is a story about a company dumping massive amounts of product into a landfill. However, it's really the cove-up that's the interesting thing about it. This story has garnerd so much interest, that a small …
Sega Genesis Games That Are Worth Cash [Video]
Before there was a battle between Xbox and Playstation, there was the classic battle between Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. Also knows as 'The Bit Wars.' Super Nintendo still takes the cake for me in games, but Sega Genesis had it's greats, and there are quite a few of them that are…
‘G4 Icons’ Available in its Entirety on YouTube [Video]
When the television network G4 kicked the bucket for Esquire Television, we lost our only video game focused television channel.
Kind of.
G4, in it's final couple years, really did start to suck with a bunch of shows that no one really cared about. However, there was one show that told the histor…
Super Nintendo Games That Are Worth Cash [Video]
Collecting things can be pretty fun, but can be expensive too! From coins to action figures, collecting things can become quite addictive. Old school video games have really started to rake in money when it comes to 'retro collecting.' Some people can amass a huge amount of game that could equal to …
Video Games to Play With Your Valentine Vol. 2
Last year, I posted 5 games you could play with your Valentine! Well, Valentines Day is this week and you STILL don't have a ton of money to buy a box of chocolates, dozen roses, and even a White Castle dinner (Why don't we have White Castle in Grand Rapids, MI)...
Game Boy Camera … My First Digital Camera [Video]
Before digital cameras were common in every single cell phone out there, they cost around a billion dollars.
Digital cameras back then were big, clunky and didn't really take the best pictures.
Today, you can get a decent digital camera for about $100 (or just use your smart phone).
As a kid though, yo…
Metalhead Ned’s Favorite Video Games of 2013
I will be honest: I barely played many new video games this year.
It was an insanely busy year for me! I got married, went on a cruise, got promoted at my job, etc.
However, I did find some time here and there to play a few video games...
How Much Would a Retro Game Console Cost if Adjusted for Inflation?
When I saw this picture, I was stunned by how much my Intellivision game console would cost today!
I bought the thing at a garage sale used I think for $40 with about 20 games, which was a pretty good deal. Then, I look at what it would have cost today if I bought the thing brand new fresh from the m…

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