Grand Theft Auto 5 Announced!
If you are getting tired of headshots, killing Locusts, or maybe even collecting stars. It is time once again to do some drive by's, kill civilians, and collect hookers! Rockstar Games in unleashing the next game in its epic series.
Games to Try Before You Die: Jurassic Park (Sega)
Dinosaurs are the most 'metal' creature of all time! They eat people and even eat their own species. When Jurassic Park came out in the 90's, it was awesome. Like any big movie, video game adaptation follow close by, and Jurassic Park actually had a pretty decent game!
Nintendo 64 Celebrates 15 Years of Awesome
15 years ago, we stepped into the realm of 3D gaming for our home televisions. 15 years ago, Mario stepped into the 3rd dimension. 15 years ago, Nintendo 64 launched to create the standard of how 3D games are to be played.
Grown Man Chokes a Kid Over Call of Duty Game
We have all heard the stuff about how games can create violence in kids and how sooner or later they are going to start buying hookers and stealing cars. We never thought that the parents would start attacking the kids over a game though!
Popular Video Game ‘Dead Island’ to Have Film Adaptation
There are a ton of video game based movies, and pretty much every single one of them is a bomb! From Super Mario Bros. to anything the Uwe Boll decides to lay his crappy hands on, video games and Hollywood are a huge oxymoron. But what if a video game trailer comes around and a major film company sa…
Gears of War 3 Tears Xbox 360 a New One!
There comes a game in every consoles life that is considered, "The Console Seller." A KILLER GAME that makes you want to buy the system just to play this certain game. Mario is with Nintendo and Nathan Drake is with Playstation. Master Chief once took over Xbox 360, but Marcus Feni…

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