Chernobyl Fox Makes a Sandwich Better Than I Do! [Video]
Chernobyl has been abandoned for decades now, but the animals are starting to reclaim the area! Lots of different animals have been spotted in the area, but the poor things have had to begin adapting to the radiation. Sometimes that's not good, but sometimes you get cool things out of it!
Like t…
The X Files is Coming Back With Up to 12 New Episodes
Last week, i posted about the return of a show so many people loved, The X Files, and it's return to Fox after being off the air for so long. And now we have more details on the show's return, and what we'll be getting!
The rumor is that the show will coming back as a 'short stack', and that doesn't …
Hey Conspiracy Nuts – The X Files is Coming Back!
So many people have been pining and whining about The X Files going off the air ever since before it went off the air...but good news! Fox is going to bring the show back, with the original stars coming back!
That's right fans, Mulder and Scully are coming back for more aliens, conspiracies, smo…
Older Episodes of ‘The Simpsons’ Are Way Better Than New Ones [Video]
The Simpsons have been around for more than 20 years, making it the longest running animated sitcom of all time.
It's hard to remember a time when the yellow family was not on our television. During the '90s, though, The Simpsons was at the height of its popularity and everyone knew who the Fox show…

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