Grand Rapids Woman Sues Jimmy John’s
A Grand Rapids woman is suing the sub shop, Jimmy John's because of an allergic reaction that she says left her disabled.
Lindsey Bresnahan, whom is allergic to mustard, placed an order with the Jimmy John's on Alpine Ave NW, in Comstock Park, back in June when she ordered th…
Grand Rapids Now Allows Open Burning And Food Trucks
Great news for people who like burning food truck tacos in their backyard!  Or, great news for people who enjoy eating yummy food truck food!  And, great news for people who like bonfires!
OK, joking aside, Grand Rapids passed two new ordinances yesterday that are pretty cool...
German Schnitzel for Grandwich? Yes, Please
Grandwich is wrapping up, and as usual, I'm behind on current events. But that doesn't stop me from getting out and trying some of the Grandwich entries this year! There are a lot of sandwiches, so I won't get to all of them, but I'm having some like the German Schnitzel at Fat J…
Buy a Michigan-Shaped Morel Mushroom on eBay for $10K
Morel season is underway and the mushroom is a big part of Michigan. So big that a Manistee Man is selling one on eBay for $10,000!!
Why so much? Because it's shaped like the great state of Michigan.
Lance Miller describes the fungus on his page as:
Roughly 2...

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