Flashback Friday

Metalhead Ned’s Flashback Friday – Brutal Halloween Costume
I don't really like purchasing expensive costumes. If you go to any Salvation Army or Goodwill and look through some ratty clothes, chances are that inspiration will hit you and you can come up with something. Another thing I do is dress up as obscure characters. No one ever knows who I am, but…
Metalhead Ned’s Flashback Friday – Last Years Halloween Costume
Even though Halloween is my favorite time of the year, I never really put that much effort into my Halloween costumes. Why? I never really have the time to do it! Someday I wish to create an epic Halloween costume like you see at Comic Conventions, but I never have the time to do it. Last year thoug…
Metalhead Ned’s Flashback Friday – The Intern Days
Before I became any kind of version of Ned, I was just Mike. I was a Full Time student that needed and internship in order to graduate, and what better place to intern than 97.9 WGRD? Let's take a look at good ol' 'Intern Ned.'