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Today On The FBHW Show – Tiger Woods & Women’s Forum
Hour 1
Free Beer saw the Roast of Trump over the weekend and we talk about how much more awkward it was to actually see the Situation bomb compared to just hearing it. We talked about a potential meeting with Eli Gold when we go to Nashville and how awkward and awesome that would be. A woman bit her …
Today On The FBHW Show – Prostate Exams & Elvis Presley
Hour 1
Zane kicked off the show by pointing out the massive face wafer that was stuck to the side of Free Beer's face. Joe was grossed out by it and started to gag, especially when Free Beer tried to make his way in to Joe's booth to give him a close up! We talked about a study this morning that sugg…
Today On The FBHW Show – Mustache Shave And Mustache Rides
Free Beer started the morning telling us about his rough start to the day. His alarm went off and woke him up in the middle of a sportscaster dream and his hand was also asleep. Turning off the alarm clock was a bit of a problem. We talked about the BYU student that was kicked off the basketball tea…

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