Jackie and ‘Free Beer & Hot Wings’ Off-Air Shenanigans [Audio]
We had some crazy malfunctions today and 97.9 WGRD went off air for a while today.
Most of you knew, considering we got like a million e-mails and text messages letting us know, as if we didn't already know.
That said, "Free Beer & Hot Wings" and I continued on with our local break a…
Jackie & FBHW- Pajama Jeans For Men
I completely forgot to post this! Two weeks ago I was on with Free Beer and Hot Wings and we got a good chuckle at a new trend, pajama jeans- for men! One of our co-workers from our sister station, Channel 957 modeled a pair on WZZM and the guys had some fun with it. Listen here.
Jackie On With FB&HW
This week for my weekly chat with the guys we talked all about pajama jeans... for men! Curtis from one of our sister stations tried these bad boys out and we watched the video and gave it our own commentary. Check out the clip by listening here.
Jackie On With Free Beer & Hot Wings
It's the end of the week and that means I join Free Beer & Hot Wings in the studio for our weekly chat. Today things were random... I still don't necessarily know what we were talking about... Listen here to see what I mean.
Massive Million Mondays Returns in May!
Time to fill your wallet for life! With another Massive Million Monday from the Michigan Lottery! This time, they want to give you chances to win $800 a week for life!
Jackie On FBHW- Anti-Mortem, Running, & More
Every Friday (Thursday if the guys are outta town!) I join FBHW in the studio and chat just about whatever is on our minds at the time. Today we got to talking about how I am interviewing the band, Anti-Mortem today live, and we talked about Zane getting too old to be competitive with me when it co…

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