fairlanes in grandville

The GRD Bad Bowlers League Is Back!
Alright you bowling fanatics, it's back!  The GRD Bad Bowlers League.  If you're new to this extraordinary league let me explain to you what we do.  Starting Thursday, September, 26th at 6:30PM we will be out at Fairlanes In Grandville.  We bowl with teams of 4 every we…
GRD’s Bad Bowler of the Week
Last night we had our GRD Bad Bowlers League! Each week I feature one of our bad bowlers and this was was bad bowler Rachel! Rachel (for being the bad bowler) gets her name in the running for a pair of tickets to see Kid Rock this April!
GRD’s Bad Bowler Of The Week
WOW I am an awful blogger! Last week we kicked off this season of the GRD Bad Bowlers League! I'm changing it up this time around though! Every week I am picking a bad bowler, the bad bowlers name goes into a hat, at the end of the league I'll draw one of the bad bowlers and they will score some tic…