Atari: Game Over Documentary Available on Netflix [Video]
A few months ago, Microsoft funded a documentary that was set to debunk the myth about the mystery of the Atari landfill.
According to myth, Atari buried thousands of video game cartridges after they declared bankruptcy in New Mexico.
Was the myth true though?
Zero Punctuation Tackles the ‘Worst Game Ever’ E.T.
Ben Croshaw, better known as Yahtzee has added a new series to  his popular Zero Punctuation web series. Yahtzee is not only talking about the new games on whether they were good or bad, he is now attacking some old school retro games and their history.
Yahtzee tackles the history of E.T. for At…
E.T’s Home Found in the New Mexico Landfill [Video]
As a gaming history geek, it was a very exciting weekend. For years, I have been reading of the rise and fall of Atari and the gaming industry. Many myths and legends have been spoken of over the years, some true and some not. It's not everyday that we get a rare chance to see someone figure out a m…
ET Sequel: “ET-X” Trailer [VIDEO]
What happens when you take clips from a bunch of movies, great editing skills and ET? Well you get the long awaited sequal to the blockbuster movie ET.
Robert Blankenheim of Titanic: The Sequel fame hot-glues random film clips together with some After Effects to create this master piece...