Humane Society Brings In Marvin!
Today the Humane Society of West Michigan brought in Marvin. Marvin is a medium sized 5 month old dog that needs a home! He was so friendly he came right up to me and jumped up to lick my face, he is definitely a loveable dog.
Tuesday’s Surprise Visitor
Today we had a visitor join us. Meet Rango. Rango is a really cute dog brought in from the Humane Society of West Michigan. Every Tuesday morning a different pet is brought in for a feature on our sister station, 100.5 The River. Rango was so cute I had to take a picture with him!
9 Animals Confused By Trampolines
Raise your hand if you love trampolines! We sure do, particularly because they're like an instant way to revisit our inner five-year-old. While trampolines are no doubt fun, they can be hilariously painful, too (see: epic fails). If you think about it, though, the trampoline concept is also str…
Meet an Extreme Dog Who’s Cooler Than You
Welp, it's official. This dog's life is more exciting than ours. He's wakeboarding. He can do back flips. He got on a skateboard and didn't break his collarbone. He is officially the coolest dog ever. But that's not the best part.

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