Does It Rock Or Not

Daybreak Embrace “Suffocate” Does It Rock Or Not? [VIDEO]
Daybreak Embrace is  a south Florida band that has been slugging it out across the country for over 10 years now.  I like how solid their song writing and raw style sound has become since they've seasoned themselves out on the road.  Is this band deserving of  national atten…
In This Moment Vid “BLOOD” – Does It Rock Or Not?
Blood is the title track for In This Moment new album (to be released on August 14th) The band is touring this summer and hits our sister station WWBN's "Dirtfest" on August 11th in Birch Run.  Def time for a road trip as this band really kills it live.
Foxy Shazam “Holy Touch” VID – Does It Rock Or Not [VIDEO]
Wingstock 2012 artist Foxy Shazam has released the video to their latest release "Holy Touch". At Wingstock 2012 they kind of polarized the audience - half the crowd 'got em" and the other half didn't know quite how to take em.
And in typical Foxy fashion their v…
New Chili Peppers Vid – Does It Rock Or Not?
Brendan's Death Song is the next release from the Chili's. I kind of suspected it would be when they presented it in concert at the Van Andel back in May.  The vid was shot in New Orleans, Louisiana in homage of longtime RHCP friend, Brendan Mullen...
New Green Day Song – Does It Rock Or Not [VIDEO]
"Oh Love" is the first single to be released off the upcoming Green Day release "Uno".  Gone is the fast paced punkish sort of Green Day flavor you're accustomed to, replaced with a sort of 60's-ish trippy kind of  poppy flavored anthem.
Pop Evil “Purple” – Does It Rock Or Not
A week away from their performance at Wingstock 2012 on June 16th @ 5/3rd Ballpark Pop Evil release a new single from the War Of Angels compilation. The song is titled "Purple" and deals with all the "what ifs" and regrets for past transgressions that life deals …
Smile Empty Soul “Afterlife” Vid – Does It Rock Or Not? [VIDEO]
Smile Empty Soul gave us their song "Don't Ever leave" for the GRD Bootleg CD in 2009  and then shortly afterward disappeared.  So it was great to hear from the band once again when this video dropped into my e-mail box this morning.   The video is of their new song "Afterlife" &…

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