7 Days Of Halloween Creepiness- Day 3
Okay it is day 3 of this creepy photo marathon here and I have seen some stuff man... some crazy stuff. Halloween is coming up quick and this photo is one of many that hopefully only appears on the internet around this time of year.
7 Days Of Halloween Creepiness- Day 2
It's day 2 of our "7 Days Of Halloween Creepiness!" Today's photo is pretty weird. Dr's have a weird sense of humor lets just leave it at that. Now to burn my retinas with more creepiness so I can find a good one for day 3...
7 Days Of Halloween Creepiness- Day 1
Halloween is right around the corner! In honor of the creepiest holiday we have, I decided to do "7 days of creepy photos!" Today's creepy photo appears to me, unbeatable, I do not know how I'll find creepier for day 2... but I will.
10 Nightmare-Inducing Eyelid Tattoos
Getting a tattoo is an awesome way to express oneself, but a decent amount of thought should go into getting inked because, well, they're permanent. We'll take a wild guess and say you might not be a fan of that eyelid tattoo in a couple decades, either.
Dahmer’s Dungeon — The Adventures Of The Creepy Florida Tucker!
I'm no stranger to weird nights drinking at various Grand Rapids establishments and I hear a ton of messed up crap! This is one of those tales. It's another edition of From the Bar Stool. Do you remember in the movie Silence of the Lambs when that creepy serial killer guy was running around naked …
Not Sex with a Sexy Teacher, Sex with a CREEPY Teacher! Bar Stool:
Did any of you girls ever have a creepy guy teacher when you were in high school? Probably not as creepy as this next guy. Another story I heard while killing drinks at the bar last weekend. You should hang out with me on weekends, because I get into all kinds of great conversations with people..…
Guy Makes Intercourse with Mannequin at Park! Bar Stool:
I was at the bar this past weekend and I walked by this chick and I heard her say “sex with an armless mannequin”, and I stopped right there in my tracks and asked her to tell me the story, I had to hear this one! She said a couple weeks ago a 61 year old West Virginia guy was arrested…
The Guy with the Creepiest Fetish Ever! Yuk! Bar Stool:
Ever heard of anyone with a saliva fetish? Yea, its like a creepy sex fetish thing. I never heard of it either till one of the guys I work with told me this story this morning. A 55 year old Japanese guy named Toshiko Mizuno was arrested for approaching young girls, and asking them to spit int…
Sex with Dog Guy Should Die! Bar Stool:
Did you guys hear about the creepy Phoenix Arizona middle school teacher that got arrested for trying to solicit dog sex on Craigslist? Not like doggy style sex, more like actual creepy sex with a dog! This one is horrible!!
A buddy of mines kid actually goes to this school, that’s how I fo…

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