Check Out This Years Miss Universe Costumes
Every year we have the biggest pageant competition around, Miss Universe! The girls each year sport a costume that may represent their country. This year the girls sported some crazy, some sexy and some just weird costumes. Check them out in the gallery below!
Jackie’s Top 5 Favorite Halloween Costumes
I decided to search for some kick ass halloween costumes. You may remember last year I was Corpse Bride and I went a bit above and beyond, which included hand dying my dress myself! So while I am scrounging the internet I found some costumes that were AWESOME. Some were kids and some were adults but…
10 Unnecessarily Sexy Halloween Costumes That Actually Exist
It's Halloween! That can only mean two things: 1) Scary things that go bump in the night, and 2) girls wearing senselessly provocative outfits. Oh yes, girls in so-called sexy costumes have become as much a Halloween tradition as pumpkin carving.
Now, we're not complaining that there are scantily cla…
Happy Skankoween! A Gallery of Hot Halloween Costumes [PHOTOS]
Halloween is an excuse for kids to eat tons of candy, crappy horror flicks to be released, and most importantly, for chicks to dress  up all s____ like!  With the holiday fast approaching, now is a good time to give said chicks some ideas on how to really s___ it up all nice for us this year.  Now t…