Awesome Game Of Thrones Cosplay
Our pal David of David Love Photography is the king of capturing cosplay shots that wow us! He recently did a Game Of Thrones shoot, and this photo says it all! Check out more of Davids amazing cosplay shots here!
The model/cosplayer shown in the photo is known as, Heather1337- You can view the rest …
Awesome Cosplay Before and After Photos
Cosplay photographer David Love keeps himself busy not just photographing people's magnificent costumes, but artfully creating the superhero world on Photoshop.
Unlike most cosplayers (like myself!), David doesn't just photograph the costume on someone in a lame parking lot across from a grocery stor…
Jackie’s Cosplay – ‘The Punisher’
I first became familiar with "The Punisher" when the movie starring Tom Jane came out in 2004.
I was a senior in high school and went to go see it with a group of friends. The other girls in my group said it was OK, but I loved it! I ended up going again to see it with my dad, and then boug…
Catching a Sneak Peek of Jackie’s ‘Punisher’ Cosplay
Over the weekend, my sister (who is with DM Photography) visited. We decided to finally do my "Punisher" photo shoot.
My brother-in-law came along to be a prop. Well, he actually came because he had nothing to do and he also brought me guns to use -- and a s…
Cosplay Girl Does “Dexter” Photo Shoot
I shared Callie Cosplay's "Horror Film Tribute" last week. This week I need to share her latest photos, a Dexter themed shoot! While I wasn't exactly happy with the series finale of my favorite show... This photo shoot still is beyond cool, especially for all you Dexter fans out there! Che…
The Making Of A Superhero
I love this video. Do you ever see these movie posters, or professional models/cosplayers who's photos look so intensely like the characters you see, and you wonder, "How the hell did they do that?" Well this video is a behind the scenes look at a professional costumer/model…
Callie’s Horror Film Tribute
I love horror movies! I was scrolling through my facebook news feed and what do I see? Callie Cosplay has a new shoot up online and it's a horror film tribute! Callie teamed up with David Love Photography to create this incredible images! I am so jealous that I didn't think to do something…
Awesome Cosplay Body Paint
Check out this cosplay gallery! It's all sexy ladies not just cosplaying wicked cool characters, but body painted! Each costume is purely done with body paint! The accuracy is incredible! Check it out in the gallery below!
Jackie And The AlternaChicks Cosplay!
Two of our AlternaChicks, Sadie and Lara came out to the comicon this weekend as well and they were dressed and ready! Sadie came as Tank Girl and Lara was in her infamous Chell from Portal cosplay! We had our photographer friend Jason Hite there and we ran outside for a quick, mini photo session!
Jackie Emcees First Ever Grand Rapids Comicon
Over the weekend I was asked to dress up in my finest super hero apparel and emcee the costume contest at the first ever, Grand Rapids Comicon! Woa... little did I know that I am not the only person who adorns the geek cloth... Some of these people know how to bring it! The turn out at the comico…
Jackie Set To Judge Grand Rapids Comic Con Costume Contest
Check it out, wanna come visit me this weekend? Let's hang out and let's do it full on Jackie style in awesome kick ass costumes! I'll be judging the costume contest over at Grand Rapids Comic Con on Saturday! Here are a few details on this years con-
Grand Rapids Cosplays- Chell From Portal
When these were submitted to me I got so excited! Another nerd girl who wants to cosplay something?! YES! Meet Lara Swidwinski. Lara recreated Chell from Portal and her gun and boots are bad ass! Our friend Jason Hite of Hite Design and Photography took these bad boys, and they even followed my comi…

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