5 Things to Remember Before You Head to Rock on the Range 2015
Every year I head to Rock on the Range. So I speak from experience when I say that it's something that you need to prepare for, especially when you are on budget.
Rock on the Range is no cheap adventure! You have to pay for lodging, food, gas, and more!
Here is what I do every year to prepar…
Dudes I Always Seem to Run Into at Metal Shows [List]
I have seen well over 200 concerts, which means I have most likely seen every kind of fan out there.
Arena shows, club shows, outdoor shows, basement shows. etc. I have seen them all! Because I have attended so many shows, I have begun to see similar fans at every show.
Wayland Returns to The Intersection on November 22nd!
Hometown boys Wayland are making a triumphant return to The Intersection on November 22nd! Along for the ride they are bringing Devin & The Deadfrets, Kill All Control, Stone Thrown, and The After Affect! Don't miss out on this show!
These Rock Metal Acts Should Come to Grand Rapids ASAP
We get some really big name acts in Grand Rapids, and they all put on amazing shows!
We have The Eagles, Boob Lady (a.k.a. Katy Perry), Five Finger Death Punch, Volbeat, Arch Enemy, etc., all coming to Grand Rapids!
However, there are a few bands that I wish would make an appearance here...
Metalhead Ned’s First Metal Concert Experience [Video]
Lots of people accuse me.
"Metalhead Ned. Why are you called Metalhead Ned? You don't play metal on air!"
That's an interesting point, when did you need to play metal on air in order to be a metalhead?
I support local metal; and I listen pretty much exclusively to bands like Lamb of God, Be…
#GRDConcertPic Photo Entries
Jackie's hosting a weekly photo contest, giving you a chance to win a prize every Friday! This week the challenge is to go on instagram and post a photo with the hashtag, #GRDConcertPic. One of the photos will randomly win Fridays giveaway!
Between the Buried and Me Coming to The Intersection on March 4th!
There are a ton of metal bands out there, and many of them can be defined by the first 2 frets on their guitar. Band like this barely come around, and this band has quite the following...Progressive metal band Between the Buried and Me is stopping by The Intersection on March 4th!
Heavy MTL and T.O to Feature System of a Down, Slipknot, and more!
America is being overrun by bands setting up big tours, small tours, bar tours, whatever....Canada is finally catching a break and getting in on the action as they have 2 extremely METAL shows booked for Toronto and Montreal, Canada. These shows nicely known as Heavy MTL and Heavy T.O! System of a D…

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