Hero Homeless Cat Saves Freezing Baby [Video]
Dogs have been getting a lot of attention so far in 2015, riding busses by themselves and dressing up as Batman and whatnot.
Cats be like: "Oh really, dogs? Did you save a baby?"
Well, Masha, a long-haired tabby cat braving the streets of Russia did. She saved an abandoned baby from …
Halloween Kittens Stop by the GRD Studio!
One of the more fun aspects of my job is that every Tuesday, the Humane Society stops by the GRD studio and brings us an animal that needs a home. I don't think anyone can resist a kitten right?
Especially when they are entirely black or orange! Like Halloween!
Daily Dose Of Cute
I found this bad boy on Instagram when I was super bored one day and I had to share... How cute is this little guy?!
Brutal Metal Guys With Cute Fluffy Cats
When you think metal, what do you think? Tall dudes wearing black, spikes, long hair, tons of tattoo's, and listening to bands like Goatwhore right? Now combine these brutal dudes with a cute fluffy cat.
Jackie Meme’s Out Her Cat
I am a crazy cat lady and if you truly want to know what radio life is here you go. I sit on the computer making cat memes while talking to you Grand Rapids. It is true though, cats will try to crawl in any box no matter the size!

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