Fowling is Coming to Grand Rapids!
Why play football and bowling separately when you can just combine the two?! Fowling is a sport that has elements of football, bowling and horseshoes. The objective of the game is to knock all of the opposing team's bowling pins down first, using a football...
The GRD Bad Bowlers League Is Back!
Winter is just around the corner and being cold outside sucks. What do you do when the weather sucks? You go Bowling! It's that time of the year again where we take bowlers of all experience and get your team of 4 signed up for the GRD Bad Bowlers league!
A New Bowling Technique is Born [Sponsored]
There are all kinds of different techniques when it comes to bowling. You could use the Fred Flinstone twinkle-toes approach. You could also go granny-style. These kids have a brand new technique that is taking the bowling world by storm... it doesn't have an official name... so we have decided…