GRD Cardboard Bobsled Video Highlights 2017
On Saturday, March 11, WGRD hit the slopes at Cannonsburg with Modelo, and Pacifico, for the 7th WGRD Cardboard Bobsled Derby! Thanks to all of you who built fun cardboard bobsleds, and went down the hill with us. It was tons of fun.
GRD’s Cardboard Bobsled Was a Blast at Cannonsburg!
WGRD hit the slopes at Cannonsburg with Modelo and Pacifico, for the 7th Annual GRD Cardboard Bobsled Derby! We had a ton of fun with everyone who came out and built bobsleds. There were smiles all around, as the cardboard (mostly) held together to get the teams down the hill.
Have Some Laughs at WGRD’s Cardboard Bobsled Derby [Video]
Saturday, March 5th, GRD hit Cannonsburg with Labatt Blue for the 6th Annual Cardboard Bobsled Derby! More than 50 bobsleds entered to win tons of cool stuff, and they didn't even have to make it down the hill to win! Watch some fun crashes, and some speedy sleds going down the hill at Cannonsb…
GRD Cardboard Bobsled Derby 2015 Photo Gallery
On Saturday, WGRD joined Labatt at Cannonsburg for the 5th Annual Cardboard Bobsled Derby! It was freaking cold as hell out there, but that didn't stop anyone from having a blast racing down the mountain, and even falling apart halfway!
Here are some photos of the sleds before they exploded on t…