West Michigan’s Most Underrated Trail
West Michigan is blessed with hundreds of miles of excellent trails. You'll find finely manicured asphalt trails, off-the-beaten-path gravel trails and other options.
Here's one of the best trails that doesn't get the attention it deserves.
Zane Mimics 4-Year-Old Boy On Mountain Biking Trail [FBHW]
A video of a 4-year-old on a mountain bike trail with his dad is making it's rounds on the internet.  The video is all sorts of cute, but that isn't what we are interested in... At one point in the video, the boy exclaims "I did it!"  That very statement was als…
Extreme Urban Downhill Mountain Biking [VIDEO]
Downhill mountain biking is crazy in and of itself, but when you add an urban setting into the equation... it can only be described as EXTREMELY INSANE.  You can be sure that things get a little crazy when you downhill bike in Valparaiso, Chile.