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October – Best Birth Month For White Rappers [VIDEO-NSFW]
"If you would like to give birth to a Caucasian baby who grows up to spit rhymes for a living, then it's my belief that you should do your best to pop that kid out in October due to an undeniable list of successful white rappers who were born in the 10th month...
Beastie Boys Sales Surge After Death of Adam Yauch
In what was to be expected, sales of the Beastie Boys‘ music catalog have skyrocketed since the May 4 death of founding member Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch. The group’s album sales saw an increase of a whopping 1,235% in just two days since Yauch’s passing.
Beastie Boys Premiere All-Star Video for “Make Some Noise”
Rap icons Beastie Boys have released the music video for "Make Some Noise", the first single from their upcoming album Hot Sauce Committee Part Two. The Beasties themselves are not in the video; in their place are Seth Rogen as Mike D., Danny McBride as MCA and Elijah Wood as MCA.

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