Beards Can be Just as Dirty as Toilets
It looks like there’s a reason that our producers, Joe and Steve, are always talking crap.
Research in New Mexico has shown that beards can have as much bacteria as a toilet, including the particles of bacteria found in poop. Gross!
Obey the Beard Because Psychostick Said So! [Video]
Humorcore band Psychostick has brought out another fine metal tune into the world.
If you have never seen or heard Psychostick, it is one of the funniest bands you can mosh and laugh too. They even have a song where they put a sombrero on someone in the audience and proceed to play a song where the …
Zakk Wylde And Scott Ian Battle For The ‘Best Beard In Metal’
When it comes to rock, it means long hair...well it used to at least. But two Metal Gods are bringing back what makes metal look damn good, BEARDS! But who has the best one? Thrash Metal guitarist Scott Ian of Anthrax? Or Guitar God Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society?