Never Make Eye Contact While Eating A Banana (Video)
This is very true. Eating a banana can be a very awkward thing... especially for people who's mind lives in the gutter realm. Check out this awesome prank video, I laughed out loud. It's chicks walking up to strangers and making weird eye contact while they snack on a banana.
Jackie Finds Her New Ride
Art Prize definitely brings out some things that we may not always be used to seeing in Grand Rapids, but I still can be surprised by some of the things I take witness to.
Woman sues for slipping on banana peel
We have all seen that old cartoon gag of someone slipping on a banana peel, or even played Mario Kart and chucked a banana peel at Luigi.
Cartoons come true in California as a woman is suing a 99 cent store for slipping on a banana peel...