Janna Bingham — Babe of the Day
Janna Bingham is a 24-year-old model who lives in Destin, Fla. Janna has been a model for several years, but she left the profession to join the U.S. Air Force before returning to runways and photo shoots.
Ashley Benson— Celeb Crush
You may not watch 'Pretty Little Liars,' but your girlfriend probably does. Much like 'Gossip Girl' once did, this ABC Family drama has assembled a cast of attractive, post-teen girls to act sexy and dramatic. Among the hot girls in the cast of 'Pretty Little Liars' is …
Elisha Cuthbert — Celeb Crush
If you've been sleeping on finally watching 'Happy Endings,' even though everyone you know and respect has told you to do it, this is your final chance to not look like a dummy: Watch this show. In addition to being hilarious, it also features this babe, who we've been crushing o…
Lesley Bazant — Babe of the Day
Lesley Bazant makes us want to catch a bus to California, where it seems sexy blonde surfer babes are always hanging by the beach or splashing around in the water.
Naama Kates — Celeb Crush
Naama Kates is a singer/songwriter and pianist living in Los Angeles. Her second album 'King for the Day' drops on March 12, and we cant wait to hear more from this talented babe.

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