Robyn — Celeb Crush
Call your girlfriend, it's time you had the talk. She will never be as awesome as this weird Swedish dancing alien nymph who somehow pulls off a blonde bowl cut, and it's not fair for you to know that and continue this charade.
Romina Pineiro — Babe of the Day
The lovely Romina is a 27-year-old model from New York -- we hope she's currently vacationing somewhere warm enough to be wearing this outfit. We also hope she will send us pictures from that place. Romina, are you reading?
Trisha Grace – Local Babe Of The Week
After several complaints on Facebook about how the Babe of the Day is "fake, unattainable  or not as good as local Grand Rapids girls" we decided to give you exactly what you wanted!  Each week we give you our Local Babe of the Week.  This week 18-year-old Trish…

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