Ana Free — Celeb Crush
This singer/songwriter and musician turned a YouTube account into 4 #1 hits in Portugal. To date, she has over 33 million video views. Wanna see why?
Isabella David — Babe of the Day
Meet Isabella David, a 23-year-old model from New York with a background in theater and dance.
This French-American beauty has been modeling for more than five years, and she also works as an actress.
Jess Davies — Babe of the Day
If Ms. Davies looks a bit familar, it's because you've probably seen her in magazines like Nuts, Front, Zoo, Loaded or FHM.
Known as, the 'Welsh Wonder, ' Jess calls herself a "typical girl-next-door with a little extra to offer."She's a party girl, and love…
Mindy Kelley — Babe of the Day
A stunning brunette with hazel eyes, Mindy Kelley is a 26-year-old model from Seattle, Wash. She could be the best export from the Pacific Northwest since the SuperSonics left to become the Thunder. Seriously, if Kevin Durant had met Mindy Kelley, he might have refused to move to Oklahoma City.…
Lane Taryn — Local Babe Of The Week
After several complaints on Facebook about how the Babe of the Day is "fake, unattainable  or not as good as local Grand Rapids girls" we decided to give you exactly what you wanted!  Each week we give you our Local Babe of the Week.  This week 23-year-old Lane …

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