Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire’s Church Studio for Sale
The Quebec church where Arcade Fire recorded their last two albums is for sale. The property is reportedly listed at $325,000, so if you have some spare change laying around and feel like owning the building where two of the millennium's best albums were made, here's your chance.
Arcade Fire Play New Songs at Secret Show in Montreal
Arcade Fire are expecting to release a new album at the end of 2013. They're already hard at work on the record -- which is much anticipated in the indie rock world -- but the Canadian band took a break from recording to perform several news songs at a high-security secret show at the Breakglass Stu…
Eminem, The Strokes, Black Keys, & More To Headline Bonnaroo
Holy music festivals, Batman!  After waiting for the Coachella Music Festival and reportedly Lollapalooza to show their cards, Bonnaroo organizers have announced the lineup for the 10th anniversary event.  Headliners include Detroit rapper Eminem, recent Grammy winners Arcade Fire and The …

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