Is 4DX the Next Movie Experience to Kill 3D?
You thought 3D and D-Box were the biggest things to happen to your movie-watching experience, right? Wrong! There's a newer movie experience, and it's a little crazy, so not surprisingly, it started in China. It's called 4DX.
Foo Fighters to Simulcast 3D Concert in Theaters Nationwide
Foo Fighters are gearing up to release their latest album, Wasting Light, April 12, but the band is also about to go Hollywood.  A documentary about the Foos, entitled Foo Fighters: Back and Forth, will open in theatres across the country for one night only.
What the hell is Nintendo 3DS???
Have questions of what this awesome console is? Well here you go!
It is a new Handheld gaming console from Nintendo. It is going to have 3D gaming without the use of those chunky 3D glasses! (whoa....awesome) It will be able to play all of your old Nintendo DS games along with the new 3DS games...