Collecting things can be pretty fun, but can be expensive too! From coins to action figures, collecting things can become quite addictive. Old school video games have really started to rake in money when it comes to 'retro collecting.' Some people can amass a huge amount of game that could equal to a small fortune. Who knows, maybe you have some of these games. Let's start with the Super Nintendo.

Here is a quick list I have put together of games you may have that are worth some decent amount of cash:


Aero Fighters-$350-$400

Harvest Moon-$100-$150

Mega Man X3-$150-$250

Mega Man 7-$100-$160

Chrono Trigger-$75-$100

Castlevania Dracula X-$150-$250

Metal Warriors-$100-$200

Ninja Gaiden Trilogy-$100-$150

*Prices found through eBay average*

Keep in mind, just because it is listed on eBay at this price, doesn't mean that person will sell that game at that price. Retro collecting is getting bigger and bigger, and because of that. Prices go up!

Super Nintendo was an awesome game console, and these are just a few of the games that are worth a little cash. Now does this mean you have to pay this to get this game? NO! Patience does pay off and searching through garage sales and flea markets, you may just get lucky. Unless you have a sizable wallet, then eBay away!

Next time, we'll head into the NES world of games worth cash!