Have you ever heard of the phrase, "word-vomit?"  Well, I have word-vomit all the time!  If you don't know what word vomit is, let me tell you.

Word-Vomit- The uncontrollable act of stating valid facts at an often inopportune time in conversation. Usually also in the wrong "Tone."


Q. Why don't you ever want to hang out anymore?
A. I just have just been so stressed out with work...
Q. Are you sure that is the real reason?
Word Vomit Response - You smell like cheese and I question your sexuality, happy now?!?
This happens to me personally at the most awful moments and to the people most definitely should not be making fun of.
Example: Guy from corporate comes to visit:
Q. Here look at my computer, I'll help you with this.
My Response: Wow, you have frickin lady fingers, do you ever clip your nails?
Do not speak like this to people who have the ability to fire you... this is stupid.  This also isn't  smart to do to people who you may need help from one day.

ME: Hey Andy will you help me with my computer?
Andy (our digital guru):  Sure thing, just bring it down here.
ME: Do we have to, your office smells like crap.
These are just a few of the stupid things I say.  I have the WORST word-vomit.  Just ask anyone who works with me, they will tell you I have probably offended them at one time or another.